Spice Hub Grinder & Rub Selection 3 Pack - 595gm (Carton of 6 Units)

"Spice Hub’s grinder and rub combination gift pack gives you the best of both worlds. Easy to use spice rubs provide the perfect blend of spices designed to be applied to meat before cooking. The special coarse ground spice blends provide a higher concentration of spices which add more flavour and texture to the outside of food and help lock in the juices to maximise flavour. Apply with a drizzle of oil to all meats before cooking or leave overnight to really bring out the flavour! The other great option is to use Spice Hub’s spice grinders to get an immediate burst of flavour as and when you need it, before, during or after cooking. Freshly ground spices give you a stronger flavour as the grinding action releases the flavours from within the spices. With 3 popular flavours to choose from this is the gift that will keep giving! 3 Delicious Flavours: Chilli & Garlic Grinder 250gm, Chicken Grill Grinder 245gm, Steakhouse Rub 100gm
Manufacturer: Spice Hub
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Units Per Carton - 6

Price Per Unit (excl. GST) - $12.95

RRP - $27.95

Best Before - June 25

Barcode - 942102540880-9


Chilli & Garlic Grinder

Add a hit of garlic and chilli anytime and let this

special blend of spices bring some heat to your favourite



Chicken Grill Grinder

Perfect for poultry! The right spice

blend to turn your home cooked

chicken into restaurant quality


Steakhouse Rub

A special blend of spices to lift your

steaks to new heights of flavour

bringing hints of onion, garlic, chilli

and salt and pepper.


Individual units are available for order at the RRP, contact us to find out more.

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