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I wish I could invite you into my kitchen, where the Lily O’Brien's story began in 1992.

The air was heavy with the scent of melting chocolate. The table is covered with the ingredients for my first flavour combinations. Ground nuts, grated ginger, orange zest, sticky caramel, crunchy sea salt, herbs picked from the garden, still damp with dew.

I wish I’d known, back then, that the name Lily O’Brien's would travel all over the world. That someday, I would be able to share my love affair with chocolate with you!

I want to thank you for choosing Lily O’Brien's. For yourself and the people you love. For helping to make the dream, I had in that small, cluttered kitchen come true.

And to tell you that love for chocolate is at the heart of everything I do. You are part of the Lily O’Brien's story too!
“Mary Ann O'Brien”

We are passionate about creating unique and innovative chocolate recipes at Lily O'Brien's. We strive to incorporate both foody-inspired flavours and undeniable classics into every collection.

Our Research and Development team constantly pushes flavour boundaries, taking inspiration from trends and flavour combinations from around the world. 

World Wide Imports(2008) Ltd represents Lily O'Brien's in New Zealand.

The Lily O'Briens range can be found exclusively in Farmers stores over the Christmas period.

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